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To help stop the spread of COVID 19, Just Pole Fitness has special measures and requirements in place that all staff and students must adhere to. Please read the below and make sure you are assistant us in being a Covid safe business

  • All students must book using our online booking system, Mindbody. Please also make sure your contact details are up to date

  • All students must scan the QR code when entering the studio

  • All students must bring their own water bottle, sweat towel, yoga mat and grip. These items must not be shared during classes

  • Please do not come to your class until 2 minutes before your class start time. You must wait until the previous class has exited completely and make sure you are practicing social distancing whilst you wait

  • Please make sure you sanitise your hands prior to entering the studio, sanitiser can be found at the studio door entry point and in studio rooms

  • Our poles are 2m apart from eachother, please make sure you stay on your own pole during your class and practice social distancing 

  • Poles are required to be cleaned before, during and after use, using the clean cloths and cleaning supplies we have provided in studio. 

  • If you are feeling slightly unwell, you must not attend class.

  • Our teachers may require to spot you during your classes to keep you safe during pole tricks classes. Please know it is within your right to decline spotting from teachers. 

  • To reduce cash intake, please make all payments for classes via Mindbody, we also have EFT transfer option available for payment of merchandise or tags

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