Classes We Offer

If you aren't sure what dance classes would be suited to you, see below for all the details on all classes we offer. Not all dance classes will be on the timetable each term but all details for all dance classes are below.

Fierce Flow

With Cheyenne

Fierce flow is all about getting down and dirty, bringing that sass and attitude to the pole and floor. In this class we dance to all the best songs that bring out your inner bad b*tch. You will learn new choreography, different floor tricks and all the floor f*ckery! Suitable for inter1+
Check out Cheyenne on insta @cheyenne_poledancer

Feels in Heels

With Cheyenne

Feels in Heels is Cheyenne's slower style of dance. This class will showcase different styles with heels on with a focus on slow sensual or contemporary style movement. This class is suitable for all levels.

Check out Cheyenne on insta @cheyenne_poledancer

Slinky Dance

With Lainie

Slinky dance is all about slinky, sexy movement whilst also learning different dance tricks and technique. You will learn a new routine every two weeks, dancing to different styles of music every time. Suitable for all levels.
Check out Lainie on insta @lainie.salome.pole

Intro to Fiery Sensual

With Chloe

If you have always wanted to try a dance class but don't have any dance experience, this class is perfect for you! You will learn the art of head rolls, body rolls, dance transitions and tricks that will all be part of a slow and sexy routine

Suitable for Beginner dancers
Check out Chloe on instagram @chloeuchida


With Mucci

Sexy, flexy and sensual all in one. These routines focus on slow controlled movement and sensual transitions!
Suitable for Inter1+ 
Check out Mucci on insta @msmucci


With Melissa

Expect sensual slow grinds, sassy floorwork tricks, beginner exotic pole spins, and more slow grinds. Suitable for all levels.
Check out Melissa on insta @melissaoctober

Sexy Flow

With Cheyenne

If you love Cheyenne's style but want something a little easier than these routines are for you! These classes are slower, sexier and all about rolling around on the floor, but don't forget the floor f*cking!

Suitable for Intro Inter+
Check out Cheyenne on Insta: @Cheyenne_Poledancer


With Hayley

DanceXotic is a choreographed pole/dance based routine by Hayley. Focusing on dance, with a fusion of sensual/ exotic movement, base pole, slinky floor work, and the occasional rnb sauce. This is a fun pole-dance routine that any level can join in & break a sweat. Tricks and spins included.
Suitable for all levels 
Check out Hayley on insta @hayhayr

Fiery Sensual

With Chloe

Get slow, sexy and sensual with Chloe as she takes you on a journey through dance. Head rolls, body rolls and hair whips will be all part of your routines as you get down and dirty but in the classiest way.
Suitable Intro Inter+ 
Check out Chloe on insta @chloeuchida

Urban Dance

With Tida

Think RnB/Hip Hop with a bit of sass and sexiness. We break down head rolls, body rolls and light booty shaking to the hottest RnB songs ever made. This class is all about bringing the sexy street to the pole. Suitable for all levels
Check out Tida on instagram @tepyz

Sultry Floor

With Monica

If you’re looking for sexy and or just wanting to find your charisma, Sultry Floor is for you. We’ll explore a range of slow sensual and exotic inspired movements, working you from the pole down to the floor. Great for all levels including beginners who want to get comfortable with slow movements or those wanting to unleash the sultry dancer within.
Suitable for all levels 
Check out Monica on insta @monicaaapole

Wicked Dance

With Annie

Wicked Dance is exactly as it is - wicked. Taking inspiration from exotic pole dancers of the world, we’ll be hitting beats of (mostly) low dubstep with a mixture of slinky and strong dynamic movements. Wicked, but kind of sexy all at once. Suitable for all levels
Check out Annie on Insta @lam.annie

Eclectic Dance

With Julie

Eclectic dance is a dynamic interpretation of exotic flow, contemporary artistry and classique sensuality. Expect strong accents, attention to detail and experimentation with shapes and extensions. Suitable for Inter1+


With Tatiana

This class is Tatianas signature style of dance. Exotic style music and tricks that will challenge you and have you hitting all the beats to exotic hardstyle music. Suitable for Inter1+
Check out Tat on insta @tatpole