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Fierce Flow

With Cheyenne

Get ready to unleash your inner powerhouse and Slay with Sass in Fierce Flow led by the fierce and fabulous Cheyenne! Dive into a high-energy class where pole meets floor in a fusion of sass and attitude. Dance to beats that ignite your spirit as you master unique choreography, badass floor tricks, and indulge in all the floor f*ckery your heart desires. Join us and discover the true essence of empowerment! Suitable for Inter1+. Follow Cheyenne on Instagram @cheyenne_poledancer

Feels in Heels

With Cheyenne

Step into elegance with Feels In Heels Cheyenne's signature slow-style dance class. Explore graceful, sensual, and contemporary movements while donning your favorite pair of heels. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned dancer, this class welcomes all levels. Follow Cheyenne on Instagram @cheyenne_poledancer

Sexy Flow

With Cheyenne

Indulge in the perfect balance of intensity and sensuality with Sexy Flow. Designed for those who love Cheyenne's style but prefer a more relaxed vibe, this class offers sultry routines that exude effortless sexiness. Embrace the floor as your playground and dive into some serious floor f*cking with confidence! Suitable for Intro Inter+. Follow Cheyenne on Instagram @Cheyenne_Poledancer

Fluid/Intro to Fluid

With Allura

Step into the enchanting world of Fluid with Allura as your guide. Learn to flow, float, and melt around the pole and floor in this mesmerizing class. Expect to master beautiful exotic extensions, sequences, and transitions infused with a touch of sensuality. With a focus on lines, control, and heels technique, you'll leave feeling empowered and conditioned from head to toe. Suitable for Inter1+ dancers. New to dance? Dive into "Intro to Fluid" for a perfect beginner's introduction. Follow Allura's captivating journey on Instagram @allurapoledancer


With Monica

Indulge your senses in the tantalizing allure of Sultry  led by the captivating Monica. Explore slow, sensual, and exotic-inspired movements that will have you slinking from the pole to the floor with absolute finesse. Perfect for all levels, including beginners looking to master slower movements or anyone craving irresistibly luxe vibes. Follow Monica's sultry adventures on Instagram @monicaaapole


With Misty Jae

Discover the enchanting world of Emotive inspired by Misty Jae's deep-rooted love for ballet. Immerse yourself in graceful shapes, stunning lines, and seamless transitions that will evoke a range of emotions. No heels required – just slip into some socks, tights, and knee pads for the ultimate smooth and slidey experience. Follow Misty Jae's lyrical magic on Instagram @misty.jae

Ethereal / Intro to Ethereal

With Aurelia

Embark on a captivating journey of intricate and expressive movements in Ethereal with Aurelia. Explore choreography inspired by the Russian contemporary dance style known as Frame Up/Stripplastic. Master the art of balancing flowy extensions and sharp movements guided by bass, trills, and melodies. Aurelia's unmatched musicality will elevate your dance experience to new heights. Follow Aurelia's mesmerizing moves on Instagram @aurelia._86


With Annabelle

Join Annabelle in "Liminal Flow" – a class that celebrates the beauty of transitional movement. Experience slow, sensual motions with occasional cheeky touches and playful expressions. Each class focuses on cues such as tracing, grabbing, and surrendering to the music, allowing you to embrace your sexiest self and groove to slow R&B jams. Connect with Annabelle's captivating flow on Instagram @annabellepole.


With Lainie

Experience the electrifying fusion of slinky, exotic-inspired movement with Lainie as your guide. Dive into a world of speed and fluidity in every transition, accompanied by Lainie's signature leggy twizzles that steal the show! Groove to a diverse range of music – from dark, heavy beats to graceful, slower tunes – that'll keep you captivated and coming back for more. Suitable for all levels. Follow Lainie's energetic flair on Instagram @lainie.salome.pole


With Yungie

Immerse yourself in the art of creating beautiful lines, elegant shapes, and seamless transitions with Yungie's Sensual. Learn to string together sequences in a buttery fashion under Yungie's guidance, and discover the joy of expressing yourself through movement. Follow Yungie's graceful journey on Instagram @yungie.dang

Dance with Liyana

With Liyana

Join Liyana in Musicality Mastery – a class focused on the art of musical expression in movement. Dive into a new routine every 2-3 weeks across a range of dance styles, meticulously choreographed to match each part of the song. Perfect for those seeking to enhance their musicality and expression through dance. Knee pads and heels recommended. Follow Liyana's expressive choreography on Instagram @Liya_lure

Dance with Tashy/Intro Dance

With Tashy

Discover the epitome of slow, sensual, and sexy dance with Tashy's Sultry Elegance. Let Tashy guide you through a journey of graceful flow and elegance that will leave you feeling empowered and confident. Follow Tashy's elegant journey on Instagram @tash.pole

Dance with Valynx

With Valynx

Unleash your inner goddess with Dance with Valynx's  – a class designed to explore sensuality, femininity, and grace. Dive into transitions, heels work, and edgework, all while accentuating your movements with different body parts. Embrace a judgement-free zone as you discover and celebrate your unique sensual style. Follow Valynx's empowering journey on Instagram @valynx_dance


With Azra/Alba

Embark on a journey of Exotica dance, where classic strip style meets sensual expression. Embrace your inner sensuality and freedom as you move through each choreographed routine. 


With June

Step into Lucid Dance and discover the power of intentional movement and body awareness. With June as your guide, explore the art of creating beautiful lines, shapes, and transitions to a diverse range of music genres. Elevate your dance experience and make every move feel as good as it looks. Find June on Instagram @june.pole 🦋"

Dance with Dorothy

With Dorothy

Dive into the world of exotic flow with Dorothy's heart-pumping style. Explore dynamic movements and captivating choreography that will leave you feeling empowered and invigorated. Follow Dorothy's mesmerizing journey on Instagram @dxrxthyxj

Honey Heels

With Jen

Unleash your confidence and self-expression in Honey Heels, where sultry movements meet empowering choreography. Join us for a fusion of sensual dance and confidence-boosting routines that will leave you feeling empowered and fierce. Check out Jen on insta @jenjenchong

Velvet/ Intro to Velvet

With Vivere

Experience the smooth elegance of Velvet Dance, a beginner-friendly class that combines pole dance techniques with velvety flow. Discover the art of fluidity and grace as you connect with music rhythmically and pay attention to intricate details. Follow Vivere's graceful movements on Instagram @_viverekitten.

Welcome to our vibrant Sydney pole studios, where dance reigns supreme! 🌟 Immerse yourself in a world of diverse dance styles led by our exceptional instructors. Whether you're craving a high-energy workout or simply a chance to let loose and unleash your endorphins, our classes have something for everyone. Each of these class names relate to our individual instructors dance style

From pole dancing to heels dance, our offerings cater to all levels and preferences. Dive into the exhilarating world of pole dance or challenge yourself with our heels dance classes – the perfect blend of glamour and intensity!

Not sure which dance class suits you best? Explore our guide below or visit our Instagram for more inspiration! Check out our timetable for current dance classes or drop in for a casual session anytime! 💃👠

Dance Classes

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