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Fierce Flow

With Cheyenne

Fierce flow is all about getting down and dirty, bringing that sass and attitude to the pole and floor. In this class we dance to all the best songs that bring out your inner bad b*tch. You will learn new choreography, different floor tricks and all the floor f*ckery! Suitable for inter1+
Check out Cheyenne on insta @cheyenne_poledancer

Feels in Heels

With Cheyenne

Feels in Heels is Cheyenne's slower style of dance. This class will showcase different styles with heels on with a focus on slow sensual or contemporary style movement. This class is suitable for all levels.

Check out Cheyenne on insta @cheyenne_poledancer

Sexy Flow

With Cheyenne

If you love Cheyenne's style but want something a little easier than these routines are for you! These classes are slower, sexier and all about rolling around on the floor, but don't forget the floor f*cking!

Suitable for Intro Inter+
Check out Cheyenne on Insta @Cheyenne_Poledancer

Fiery Sensual/ Intro to Fiery Sensual

With Chloe

Get slow, sexy and sensual with Chloe as she takes you on a journey through dance. Head rolls, body rolls and hair whips will be all part of your routines as you get down and dirty but in the classiest way.
Suitable Inter1+ 

Intro to Fiery sensual brings you all of the above, but in a beginner friendly way!

Check out Chloe on Insta @chloeuchida

Fluid/Intro to Fluid

With Allura

Flowy, float around the pole and melt into the floor sequences and transitions. This class can be intense and will get your whole body conditioned as it’s all about lines, control and heels technique.

Suitable for Inter1+  

Love Allura's style but just starting your dance journey? Try Intro to Fluid as this is perfect for beginners.
Check out Allura on insta @allurapoledancer


With Monica

If you’re looking for sexy and or just wanting to find your charisma, Sultry Floor is for you. We’ll explore a range of slow sensual and exotic inspired movements, working you from the pole down to the floor. Great for all levels including beginners who want to get comfortable with slow movements or those wanting to unleash the sultry dancer within.

Suitable for all levels. 

Check out Monica on insta @monicaaapole

Contemporary Dance

With Misty Jae

Influenced by Misty Jae's first love of ballet, this class is a combination of contemporary and lyrical flow. Exploring graceful shapes and lines with floaty transitions. No heels needed but socks, tights and knee pads encouraged for ultimate sliding around the floor comfort.

Follow Misty Jae on insta @misty.jae

Dynamic Dance

With Christina 

Explore a mix of sultry and hard-hitting dance choreo in Dance with Xtina. Discover dynamic movements and tricky floorwork, whilst finding your flow around a static pole and focusing on improving your musicality.

Check out Christina on insta @xtina.teee

Dance with Aurelia

With Aurelia

The dance consist a mixtures elements of sensual flow & Russian Contemporary of Frame Up/ Striplastic. Her dance style focuses on small details of bass, trills, strong beats & melody in her music as a way in creating shapes and intricate movements body with elegant transitionings in her choreography.

Follow Aurelia on Insta @aurelia._86

Dance with Cilla/Melt

With Cilla

Melt with Cilla, as she leads you through sensual and erotic movement on static pole. Inspired by old school style of pole dance, originating in the strip club. There is a focus on precision heelwork, leg extensions and slow detailed sequences. You will learn to melt to the music, flowing around the static pole like honey. Sandal-style stripper heels are preferred for this class, but not a requirement.

Suitable for all levels.

Find cilla on Insta at @bby_cilllla.


With Annabelle

Liminal is moving from one transitional stage to another, which is how Annabelle describes her flow. You can expect very slow and sensual movements on and off the pole and RnB throwbacks. Each class has a focus on one cue - think tracing, grabbing, melting and surrending to the music.
Find Annabelle on Insta at @annabellepole!

Heels with Vienna

With Vienna

Get ready to feel like Beyonce in this introduction to heels class with Vienna.
You will learn the basics of heels with sexy, femine moves plus dynamic floorwork.
Unleash your inner performer with confidence with RNB and lyrical movements.
Block Heels and Stilleto heels boots are welcomed! Find Vienna on insta at @vnrxo


With Vienna

Chuck your sneakers on and get ready to be the main character in this class.
This class will give you hiphop, rnb throwbacks where you can shake, body roll and
drop it like its low. Vienna will make you feel confident and sexy with urban flavour.
Find Vienna at @vnrxo

Dance with Syrei

With Syrei

ExoFlow or Exotic flow is a pole dance style inspired from Russian exotic and focuses on flowing and continuous feminine movements. This class can be danced in heels or socks and is suitable for all levels.

Follow Syrei on insta @syrei.pdf

Dance with Michelle

With Michelle

Dive into Michelle's dancing style which has been influenced by the many instructors that have blessed JPF's doors. She has grown to love the slow to fast transitions that will keep you on your toes for a surprising cardio workout. Think of it as a touch of sexy and dynamic flow, while adding in your daily dose of shoulder stands.
Check out Michelle on insta @x.mishelle

Slinky Dance

With Lainie

Slinky dance is all about slinky, sexy movement whilst also learning different dance tricks and technique. You will learn a new routine every two weeks, dancing to different styles of music every time.

Suitable for all levels.
Check out Lainie on insta @lainie.salome.pole

Sensual Dance

With Yungie 

Sensual Dance is all about hitting beats, creating shapes, beautiful lines and interesting transitions! Yungie is the chorey queen!

Check out Yungie on insta @yungie.dang

We absolutely love our Sydney pole studio and all the dance classes we have to offer. We have so many different styles of dance on offer by our amazing instructors. All classes are a great exercise class/cardio workout or just a way to let go of whatever is going on outside studio doors and let your endorphins run wild! Not only do we have pole dance classes but we also run heels dance classes and urban dance classes. These are perfect for those that want a challenge off the pole


If you aren't sure what dance classes would be suited to you, have a read below or check out our instagram! 

See our timetable for current dance classes or casual dance classes on!

Dance Classes

Dance classes at Just Pole Fitness

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